By servicing your vehicle with the Renault network, you know your car is in the safest possible hands and will be returned to you in tip-top condition. Our servicing includes key safety checks and the replacement of important servicing components exactly when they need to be replaced, meaning your Renault gets exactly what it needs, no more, no less.

At Renault we are all about making life simple for our customers, so make the most of our courtesy car* option, pick-up and drop-off solution, and waiting appointments – whichever suits you best.

Type A service (minor) B service (major) A&B service (combined)
  Cabin filter change and checks. Includes free vehicle health check. Zoe includes cabin filter change and checks. Petrol and hybrid include engine oil, filter change and checks. Includes free vehicle health check. For higher mileage drivers we recommend having both the A and B service performed together. Includes free vehicle health check.
Petrol & E-Tech Hybrid £175 £270 £370
Megane E-Tech Electric £175 £130 £225
Zoe E-Tech 100% Electric £175 £190 -
Additonal operations Petrol E-Tech Hybrid E-Tech 100% Electric  Additional
Spark plugs x 3 cyl £140 £220    
Spark plugs x 4 cyl £165 £270    
Brake fluid £85 £85 £85  
Antiallergn cabin filter upgrade £30 £30 £30  
Coolant change (Zoe)     £515  
Coolant change (Megane)     £365  
Accessory belt refer to retailer      
Air filter £45 £45    
12 V battery (hybrid)   £320    
12 V battery (Zoe)     £200  
12 V battery (Megane)     £170  
Gearbox oil (auto only) £125      

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Wear & Tear Operations

Front brake pads £195 £195 £195 +£20 Kadjar
Front brake pads & discs £395 £395 £395 +£20 Kadjar
Front wiper blades x 2 £65 £65 £65  
Front wiper blade x 1 £30 £30 £30